Tafseer of Kauniyah: Philosophical, Sociological, and Phenomenological Approach (Volume 1)

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How vast are the words of Allah addressed to mankind. Not only the written word (qauliyah), but also His word that is spread out (kauniyah). All contain a million meanings and lessons for humans. The study of the word that is spread out (kauniyah) which is the author’s study is a search that is rarely done. All that appears is an inspiration bestowed by Allah on the author to be presented to see His greatness.

With simple language, the book Tafseer Kauniyah: Philosophical, Sociological, and Phenomenological Approach comes by linking the existing reality. The touch of local wisdom uploaded is so thick. The various parables used are familiar and appealing. The straightforward and easy-to-digest quotations and language style make this book worth reading as a self-reflection as a servant.

Volume 1 of this book implies one year of this writing has been presented to readers of the Betuah Column on every Monday at Harian Riau Pos Online. May Allah bestow His inspiration on the author to write the meaning of His verses that are spread out, so that the next volumes of the Tafseer Kauniyah book will appear and be born.

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Penulis : Prof. Dr. H. Samsul Nizar, M.Ag.

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15.5 x 23




  1. A Piece of Bread and Justice 1

  2. Ant’s Character 7

  3. Bertuah Column: The Servant’s Hope 15

  4. Coconut Tree Philosophy 23

  5. Earth Rotation: Meaning of Yearly Change 29

  6. Ramadan Wisdom: Ghosts and Donkey 37

  7. Heart and Clock of Fate 41

  8. Human Self and Glass 47

  9. Ketupat Philosophy 51

  10. Leaders and Mirrors of Nature: A Reflection on the Youth Pledge Day 55

  11. Learn from Bees and Flies 61

  12. Learn from the Sniper 65

  13. Learn to the Lantern 69

  14. Lizard and Mosquito 73

  15. Nut Seeds and Honesty 79

  16. Padlock and Key 85

  17. Partnering with Allah 91

  18. Praise, Criticism, and Insult 95

  19. Prophet’s Birthday: Water on the Taro Leaf? 101

  20. Saliva, Eyes, and Ears 107

  21. Scavengers 113

  22. Semar Character 117

  23. Shackles Wood 123

  24. Shelled Peanuts 131

  25. Soil Philosophy 137

  26. The Age Oddiy 141

  27. The Fruit from the Heaven: Banana 147

  28. The Missing Mystery of the Chair 153

  29. The Mistery of the Ball 159

  30. The Separate Message of Lancang Kuning 165

  31. The Value of a Diploma Certificate 173

  32. Ulama (Scholar/Scientists) and Natural Verses 181

  33. Virus and Devil 187

  34. Weeds: Flexing Style 191

  35. The Measurement of Self’s Health 195

  36. Dew Drops: 100 Years of Nahdlatul Ulama 203

  37. Isra’ Mi’raj: A Journey in the Darkness 211

  38. Helping a Strangled Dog 217

  39. Long Beans 223

  40. Eyes and Light 229

  41. Sunshine Mimosa Plant 235

  42. Tree Roots and the Month of Ramadan 241

  43. A Rope and a Buffalo 247





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