Syllabus Design For English Language Teaching

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This book is entitled Syllabus Design for English Language Teaching which was written and developed based on a research “Communicative Competence Based Syllabus Design for Speaking Course One for Students of The English Department”. It mainly provides detailed elucidation of the process of designing a syllabus as one of systematic steps of curriculum development in language teaching. Curriculum development in language teaching should be done since it implies an effort carried out by the language teachers to improve the quality of language teaching through some stages of systematic planning such as a needs analysis, formulation of learning objectives, development of syllabus and teaching materials, teaching materials’ implementation as well as evaluation to find out the effectiveness of the curriculum by taking into account the achievement of learning goals in language teaching program.

This book generally includes some information on the discussion of:
1. The status of English in the education system of Indonesia and the outcomes of English teaching all this time according to researchers in the field of language teaching;
2. The distinction between the terms of curriculum and syllabus therewith the syllabus design theory from the standpoint
of ESP and Language Program Development;
3. Theory of needs analysis as the main cornerstone in the development of syllabus design;
4. The concept and the theory of communicative competence based syllabus design;
5. The systematic stages in designing a competency-based syllabus ranging from preliminary stages with the needs analysis, the stage of teaching materials development, as well as the stage of reviewing the learning outcomes;
6. A practical example of a study which is presented to make the readers clearly understand how to apply the stages of developing the communicative competence based syllabus design

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Dipl., M.A. dan Dr. Kaharuddin, M.Hum., Prof. Dr. Abd. Hakim Yassi, S.IP., TESL.

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