Improving Reading Skill in English 2

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Improving Reading Skill in English for University Students is mainly intended to help lecturers and students to improve English language teaching and learning activities in Universities, Islamic Universities, and Islamic Colleges (STAI) in Indonesia. The book is suplemented with various kind of readings to help reader to Improve their reading skill. Reading on Newspaper, Magazines, Novels, Encyclopedia, as well as Religious and Scientific Materials are given extensively to broaden the field of study of the student.

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Book 2

Lesson 1 Are Buses as Easy to Use as Cars

Lesson 2 Luckily, I Had Been Wearing My Seatbelt Too Little, Too Late

Lesson 3 Performing the Fifth Pillar of Islam “The Haj”

Lesson 4 A University Life

Lesson 5 Learning A Foreign Language

Lesson 6 The Whistle for Return the Farmer from the Town of Roa

Lesson 7 The Sentence

Lesson 8 The Story of Louis Braille

Lesson 9 Dictionary Usage

Lesson 10 Our Solar System Genghis Khan the Perfect Warrior

Lesson 11 Fahrenheit

Lesson 12 the English Channel

Appendix on Dictionary Usage

Appendix on Word Study

Workbook 2

Lesson 1 Present Perfect Continuous (Progressive) Tense

Lesson 2 Past Perfect Continuous Tense and Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Lesson 3 Conditional Sentences

Lesson 4 Passive Voice

Lesson 5 Gerund and Infinitive

Lesson 6 Special Expressions Direct and Indirect Speech

Lesson 7 Vocabulary 1

Lesson 8 Vocabulary 2

Lesson 9 Preposition 1

Lesson 10 Preposition 2

Lesson 11 Two-Word Verbs 1

Lesson 12 Two-Word Verbs 2




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