Improving Reading Skill in English 1

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Improving Reading Skill in English for University Students is mainly intended to help lecturers and students to improve English language teaching and learning activities in Universities, Islamic Universities, and Islamic Colleges (STAI) in Indonesia. The book is suplemented with various kind of readings to help reader to Improve their reading skill. Reading on Newspaper, Magazines, Novels, Encyclopedia, as well as Religious and Scientific Materials are given extensively to broaden the field of study of the student.

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Book 1

Lesson 1 “Handling Your Emotions”

Lesson 2 “Sleep”

Lesson 3 “True Love”

Lesson 4 “How Marriages Are Made”

Lesson 5 “The Black Stone of Kaaba”

Lesson 6 “Intended Future Occupation”

Review 1

Lesson 7 “A Letter to Next-Door Neighbour”

Lesson 8 “When A Bomb Exploded”

“When the Clock Strikes 10.00 AM on August 17”

Lesson9 “The People Speak”

Lesson 10 “Taking Notes”

Lesson 11 “Nobody Had Believed it Was Possible”

“Run for the Money”

Lesson 12 “Does Travel Broaden the Mind?”

Workbook 1


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